Only I Control MY Future

One can’t turn on the television, open a newspaper or even check the internet without some sort of “depressing” news regarding jobs, joblessness or the economy in general. It’s easy to get swept up into what Zig Ziglar called, “Stinkin’ Thinkin’”. While I do my best to avoid negativity in the morning before my day begins, it’s almost impossible to avoid it completely.

The Democrats blame the Republicans. The Republicans blame the Democrats. Everyone is blaming someone else and salespeople can fall into the same trap.

Let me let you in on a secret: what happens in Washington, DC has absolutely ZERO impact on my success, my desire to succeed and my ability to succeed. Nothing that comes from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is going to help me or hurt me.

Why? Because I made the decision to not let it affect me. It’s that simple.

Granted there are situations where legislative action impacts and industry, but does that mean it has to impact the people IN that industry? Only if you choose to let it.

Salespeople blame the weather; it’s too hot, too cold, too windy, too dry, too wet and on and on and on when in reality none of those things drives their individual success as much as their own internal belief system.

I’m going to succeed. It’s not a question of if to me. I made that decision years ago—it’s done—it’s over, now I’m just working on fulfilling that promise to myself.

Only you control your future and the sooner you accept that as fact the better off you’ll be. Instead of spending time complaining about things in Washington or elsewhere (which you cannot change), spend that time investing in yourself, your skills and being productive.
Don’t let talk radio, the naysayers or the people who swear the sky is falling get into your head because that is the ONLY thing you truly have control over: your own thoughts, beliefs and actions. You can’t control anything else and spending time worrying about it or fretting over it is a negative drain on your valuable time.

Life is good. There are people praying right now to be in the position you’re in. Accept responsibility for ONE piece of real estate in this world: that gold mine between your ears.