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Nova team:

Thank you all for such a warm welcome this morning. I wanted to do something special for you.

Here is a list of downloads for you all in one place. These are all things I suggest tracking in my book, which you can order here. Or if you’d like, you can order a Team Pack (10 books) for your team (regularly $129.99) for only $79.99 plus $7.00 s/h. Save BIG here.

You can always email me at

You can download them and use as you like. They REALLY do work!

New Contact Form

Goal Setting Form

Top Ten List

New Prospects Form

Current/Lost Customer Log

Referral Log

All of these are designed to build GOOD habits. Remember, if you can measure it, you can manage it!

Also, here are some apps I love for busy salespeople. I make no money off these, I just provide the links to clients as a service for ones I’ve found useful.

Rev (voice recorder and transcriber) You can use this to read and record the info on a prospect as SOON as you leave the meeting and then put a set of earbuds in later to capture the data. Work smarter 🙂 (Free) Get control of your email inbox. Rolls up all those newsletters you subscribe to into one email! (Except MINE! 🙂

Zite  Put in your interests and so forth and it curates your own customized “newspaper” every morning. LOVE THIS ONE!

Downcast My FAVORITE app for listening to podcasts. Feed your mind good, positive information! On your commute, on the treadmill or wherever. Move the speed to 1.25 X and you can speed up the podcast without noticing a difference in the vocals! Learn quicker.

Periscope: My new obsession. I am on every weekday about 7:30AM LIVE with a Daily Motivational kickstart.

Contact Monkey: FREE! for 100 emails a month. Let’s you know if/when they were openened and IF they client clicked on any link. GREAT info.


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Let me know what YOU would like up here. If you’re not subscribed to my weekly newsletter go here:

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You guys ROCK! I hope to see you all again soon.

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