Why Is The New Guy Outselling Me?

new guy

How many times have we seen the new guy come in to an organization and outsell all the “old hands”. Beginner’s luck, they call it.


I call it something else: doing it the right way.

Too many times what happens is as we get used to a process—or the steps to a sales, we start to take shortcuts. “I think I can skip this part” or “It won’t matter if I don’t do this this time”. Well, yes it does matter. And over time, you get out of the habit of doing thing the way you were taught—the way you did them when you started.

This is one reason Sales Coaches are so effective. One of the first things we look for is short cuts. What are you NOT doing you used to do? What steps to the sale have you eliminated or totally gotten out of order?

The new guy hasn’t. He’s still doing things the right way. He’s still doing them like he was taught.

The sad part is, eventually he’ll start watching the veterans and start doing what they do—not knowing he’s hurting his own sales in the process and in reality they should be doing what he’s doing.

If the new guy is outselling you, take a moment and review your initial training. What’s changed? Something has.

There’s time for you right now to get into some Spring Training and work on the basics. Think back to your first days on the job or in your industry and do what you did then. Not only will it rejuvenate you and freshen up your presentation, but it will most likely give you a sales boost to go along with it.

Now, get back to doing it the way you were taught. The way that works.