My Goals & Plan

I know, I know. Yes, another blog about goals. But, this time I’m going to share MY goals with YOU! Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration to set big, bold goals, write them down and have a plan to achieve them. So, what will Butch Bellah do for the balance of 2012? (Remember to write goals as I WILL instead of I WANT)

Goals for Butch Bellah
(All by January 1, 2013)

I will provide personal Sales Coaching to a minimum of 15 motivated, professional salespeople

I will continue to provide daily Sales Training, Motivation and Personal Development through my blog

I will be a source of motivation and inspiration to the thousands of people who follow me on Twitter

I will complete my book, The Power of Ten

I will complete the book, The Time Of Your Life with co-author Hugh Liddle

I will continue to grow and improve my skills through constant learning, reading and listening to others I respect and follow

The Plan

By working with and representing Red Cap Sales Coaching, I will have the opportunity to speak to and reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential coaching candidates. I’ll display a professionalism and passion for the art of sales and personal development demonstrating the fact that I can and will help others improve their sales, income and lives.

I will set aside time each week to write—creating content for my blog and working on both books as well as providing motivation for those who follow me on Twitter.

Finally, I will allow myself time each week to read good books, blogs, websites and articles and understand and accept that I am always learning and growing as a professional salesperson and sales coach.

So, there you have it; my goals and my plan for the rest of the year. I have no doubt where I will be and what I will have accomplished on January 1. I hope you are along for the ride!


Question: I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on my goals and plan. You can leave them in the comments section below.