Missed A Sale? Who’s Fault Is That?

Missed A Sale? Who's Fault Is That?

Missed A Sale? Who’s Fault Is That?

Many years ago I learned a valuable lesson when it comes to selling: if the prospect gives you their time and actively listens and pays attention—if they don’t buy, it’s not their fault. They did their part—you didn’t do yours.

Think about that.

Missed a sale, who’s fault is that? A professional salesperson can go look in the mirror and shoulder the blame. But, they don’t beat themselves up they use it as a learning experience.

What could you do differently? Where did you miss it? I’ve said before if a prospect’s objection is a honest, “I can’t afford it”, the problem lies in your qualifying. You didn’t do your job in finding out what product or service to present to them and spent all your time trying to sell them something they couldn’t afford.

Again. Not their fault.

Understand, I am not being hard on anyone. I do this to myself all the time. But, if I blamed the prospect and threw everything on them, I’m never going to take the initiative to improve my skills and analyze my performance, am I?

I’m not going to ask the hard questions about where I could get better and what I could have handled in a more professional way. If you simply blame someone else, you’re never going to address the issue and improve.

It’s really just that simple.

You have to do your part professionally. Every. Single. Time.

There are no shortcuts. If you do so, you’ll find it easier and easier to not only ask those questions, but get the right answer and improve with every miss.

Taking responsibility for your own actions is one thing—using that to get better is another for without that, you might as well blame the weather, the government, the NFL, the auto industry, the tides, the lunar eclipse and your Aunt Rosemary’s bad hip. Hey, one excuse is as good as the other.

Be a professional. Look in the mirror, find out what you did wrong and commit to correcting it. You’ll be a much better salesperson in the long run.

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