Mid May Goal Check Up

Tomorrow is May 15th, the midway point of the month. So, where are you in relation to your May goals?

It’s time to do a quick check and take stock of where we are and make any necessary changes. Obviously the first step is to get out your goals—you do have them written down, don’t you?

Now, you should be A MINIMUM of 50% of the way to achieving your total monthly goal. But, here’s where your mid-month goal check gets interesting.

I want you to divide the remaining 50% by 10 days (we only have 12 weekdays left in the month including today).

Now take that number and make it your DAILY goal for the remainder of the month. This will have you achieving your goal on May 29—assuming you work Monday-Friday. (Adjust the numbers if you work different days).  Our target is now to achieve your May goal with two days left in the month—those two days will be your GRAVY days!

Those two days are the days you can let it all hang out and take yourself to new heights.

But, the key is to plan NOW. Don’t wait. Do it today.

Once you get your daily number—get with your sales manager, co-worker or a mentor and do whatever it takes to hit that daily number. If you achieve your monthly goal EARLY—DO NOT fall into the trap of letting up. Push ahead and go higher.

You deserve it.