Meeting An Old Friend

The elderly woman with closed eyes

An Inspirational Story

I heard recently of an elderly woman in Austin, Texas who would make a trip periodically to a local establishment to meet with an old friend. Each time the friend was there waiting patiently for the visit just hanging around.

They’d spend a few moments together with rarely a word spoken. They’d been friends for years and each time the elderly lady visited it brought back memories of her younger days when she had her entire life in front of her. Now as the years slipped by she knew the visits would come less often and be more meaningful.

The friend had been with her on her wedding day and over the years they’d found themselves drifting apart, but each time she saw her old friend the memories flooded back and the years were suddenly erased.

As the elderly woman’s inspirational story reached me, it touched me like none I had heard in a long time. For, you see the friend she was going to see; the friend who was just “hanging around” was the woman’s wedding dress. She had put it in the dry cleaner a few years ago and had never been able to afford to get it out. Several times a year she would go down and the shop keeper would bring the dress out for her to see—to hold—and to revisit her youth if only for a short time.

Oh, how she wanted to take her friend home with her. How she longed to be able to not have to travel for their semi-regular get togethers.

As the holiday’s are upon us, think about people like this elderly lady in Austin who need someone to talk to—sometimes they just need a friend or a smile or a simple hello. Take a minute to acknowledge a fellow human being and make your world a better place.

When I speak, I talk about the fact that while we may not be able to change THE world, you can change YOUR world. Don’t let what you cannot do keep you from doing what you can do.

And, in case you’re wondering; yes the lady and her friend are now safely and happily reunited to hopefully never be apart again.

Have a great holiday season.