March Madness Strikes Online Sales Training

The Power of Ten Cover

As some of you know, I published an online sales training course last year based on my book, The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into The Power of Ten. It has been up at the same site since last summer with little traction.

Well, I’m happy to announce I’ve become part of the family! My course: The Power of Ten is now available at And, during the month of March, I’m offering this entire course for only $17! That’s right, an entire online sales training course for only $17!

You get personalized instruction stepping you through each of the ten habits and are able to progress at your own pace. The plan is to create more courses, so I want to hear from you: what do you need help with? What do you want to learn?

The folks at have made it extremely easy for me to create and publish courses and I am looking forward to adding more in the near future.

This course has sold for as much as $97, but for the month of March ONLY you can sign up for just $17. Keep in mind once you sign up you can complete the course on your schedule—you just must sign up now to get in for the discount.

While it’s important for me to get you to take the course, I also want your feedback. What do you like? What do you not like? What would you like more or less of?

Again, thanks to the entire team at, I am able to create courses quickly and easily and get them posted. With more than 300 blog posts available for free here at the site I want to always be providing you with valuable information—information of substance you can use immediately. Perhaps that’s what I like best about the current program The Power of Ten. These are ten principles you can put into effect immediately. You can increase your sales today!

Online sales training is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to improve your skills! Take some time and check it out and make sure you take advantage of the March Madness deal and get into the course for only $17!