Mailbag: Know Your Numbers!

From Melissa J: Butch I really enjoy reading your weblog. Your articles and comments always make me think. I would like to know other than my closing ratio, what other aspects of my sales should I keep up with? Thx!


Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoy the blog—I really enjoy writing it and getting emails like yours keep me inspired. Ok, to your question: I don’t know what you sell, so I’m not sure if you use the telephone a great deal or not (I emailed Melissa and didn’t hear back by the time I posted this), but I am going include that information as if you do.

I want to keep up and monitor the following:

-Calls: Outbound times I dialed the phone
-Conversations: How many of those calls led to speaking to the buyer
-Appointments: How many appointments did I get from conversations—not calls (calls could include wrong numbers, no answers, etc)
-Presentations: How many of my appointments led to a presentation
-Closing Percentage: How many presentations led to a sale

Now, you can see the process involved and where along the way you may need to improve your skills or spend more time. For example, if it takes 20 conversations to set an appointment, but only four appointments to make a presentation—you need to work on your script and appointment setting.

The only way one is ever really going to know where to focus is by tracking these numbers. How else can we truly see where deficiencies lie?

Good luck! Have fun and remember: knowing your numbers is one thing. Taking the initiative and time to improve them is another.

: What other measurements/numbers do you track in your sales process? I’d love to hear your input.

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