Looking For Inspiration? Look In The Mirror

Man takes a look at himself in the mirror.

Looking For Inspiration? Look In The Mirror

If you’re looking for inspiration sometimes all you have to do is look in the mirror.

We all need it from time to time—just a little inspiration. I always hesitate to call myself a motivational speaker—I don’t believe I can motivate anyone. That has to come from within. However, I can inspire you—but nobody can inspire you better than you can inspire yourself.

Simply look in the mirror—the person looking back at you is the person most responsible for your success and how you rebound from the stumbles everyone has along the way. You know success is already being broadcast to you. Once you tune in and are open to receiving the frequency it begins to happen for you.

I’ve written before that I believe success is simply a decision away. However, once you make that decision to move forward, to take action and to begin your journey there are going to be times you have to grab that mirror, look at yourself and re-fire those engines.

You may find yourself scared. Maybe nervous or anxious. Maybe you are feeling a bit unworthy.

Guess what? That’s normal—it’s that little voice in your head that wants you to fail. Everyone has it, but some choose to simply ignore it. They don’t listen to it. And as stated in the book, The Untethered Soul author Michael Singer points out that if you can hear that voice then it’s obviously not you.

Think about that. Since you can hear it—it’s coming from somewhere else. It’s not coming from the person in the mirror.

You are destined for greatness—not perfection. Strive for perfection but acknowledge you’re likely to settle for great instead of perfect. That’s okay.

Remember your location is not your destination. Where you are today is not where you will eventually end up. If this were your destination you wouldn’t even be reading this nor would you be able to look in the mirror.

The game would be over for you.

And I don’t think the game’s over. I think it’s just beginning. And you’re going to not only win—you will dominate.

Now, look in the mirror. Tell the person staring back at you they are a champion.

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