Linkin’ For Thinkin’

Here’s another week’s edition of Linkin’ For Thinkin’–our regular Saturday feature of links to articles I enjoyed this week around the net. I hope you enjoy them, too.

3 Reaserch-Backed Ways To Motivate Yourself
Feeling stuck? Procrastinating? This is a pretty good piece with three things you can do immediately. (Not too sure about giving my friend $100, though)

Guess What Dad…I’m Going Into Sales!
An excellent blog post by Nancy Hardin. I’m proud to tell people I’m a professional salesperson. And, I’m glad there are people like Nancy continuing to help professionalize it the profession.

The Work You Must Do Yourself
This one hits home. A great piece from Anthony Iannarino on self discovery. Nobody can do it for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Social Salesperson
From Forbes. It’s all about contacts. Get out and meet people!

7 Ways Customer Service Can Support Sales

Are You A Leader? Here’s How To Tell
Excellent post from Ken Blanchard. Brief and to the point…take time to read this one.