Let’s Sell Something Today!

What a novel concept, huh? Let’s sell something today! Well here are four tips that will greatly increase your odds of adding a new, satisfied client before the sun sets TODAY!

1)      TEN BEST PROSPECTS: Write down your ten best prospects—prospects that can buy and should be closed in a very short timeframe. Put them in order with the hottest prospect at #1. Now, go down the list and contact EACH. Find out what it will to take to simply move that relationship closer to sale TODAY. Are we waiting on a third party? Is there an objection that needs to be overcome? Financing that needs to be put into place? Whatever it is, make a concerted effort on those TEN prospects to move them closer to being a customer.

2)      TEN MOST RECENT SALES: Write down your last ten new clients. Again, go down the list and contact each one of them and just check on them. Is everything OK with the product or service? Do they have any questions? Is everything working as expected? Are they HAPPY with the product or service? If not, make them happy.

“While I’ve got you on the phone, do you know anyone I should be talking to?”

What a great opportunity to ask for a referral! (This assumes everything was answered with an affirmative or at least was corrected if it wasn’t)

3)      TEN BEST CUSTOMERS: Write down your ten best customers. These could be anyone, but it’s the list of people that you know are your raving fans. If you don’t have ten today, that’s OK. You will eventually. But, write down what you have. (Granted this list may overlap some of the Ten Most Recent). You know what’s next? Contact each of them! Let them know you are only calling because you were just thinking about them and wanted to check in and say “hello”. Nothing more, nothing less. Just have a simple conversation. Let them know you are doing some prospecting and when you think of good customers, they always come to mind (people LOVE this). Then take the opportunity at the end of the conversation to ask for a referral just as we did before.

4)      TEN MOST RECENT PROSPECTS THAT DID NOT BUY: Want some extra, completely unexpected sales? Contact the last ten prospects that bought elsewhere. (You can almost bet their salesperson isn’t doing this) Treat them just as you would your most recent sales. Ask how the purchase is working out for them. Is everything OK? Is there anything you can do for them? Are they happy? Even if they are, you can add this:

“I’m really glad it worked out for you and you were able to find what you wanted. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to help you because I’d love to have you as a customer. But, while I’ve got you on the phone, do you know of anyone I should be talking to?

You just asked for a referral from someone that DIDN’T buy! Guess what, about 10-15% WILL refer someone if you treated them fairly in the process and were professional. Think about that: you just took a referral from a competitors’ customer! Now, that is Lagniappe!