Keeping Your Marketing Plan Afloat

Keeping Your Marketing Efforts Afloat

Keeping Your Marketing Efforts Afloat

Keeping Your Marketing Plan Afloat

Guest Post by our friends at Onboardly

When it comes to marketing, there’s lots of confusing information out there. While marketers are beat over the head with “content is king”, and “quality over quantity”, it’s easy to get lost trying to keep your fans engaged and loyal while also having a personal life. Finding the perfect marketing strategy for your team may be much like your own white whale. Conquer it, and you’ll be reaping the rewards for long after the catch is hauled in; get conquered, and go down with the ship.

Onboardly has created an infographic entitled “Don’t Get Lost at Sea With Your Marketing Plan”, giving you the secret to a great marketing strategy- which just happens to equate really fittingly with – you guessed it – a ship.

When you combine most of the more popular types of marketing, such as PR, content, and social media, you get demand marketing. This type of marketing strategy combines all three of these to generate demand. But each of these components are critical to make the demand marketing ship stay afloat.

First up is the hull of the ship – content marketing and thought leadership. This is the foundation of any good marketing plan. It helps build trust with your audience, make you an authority on your subject of choice, and as your amazing content is shared and commented on – increase your visibility.

Next is the bow of the ship, which cuts through the wake and clutter – public relations and social relations. A well-ran PR department can build relationships with other companies and potential clients. More importantly, it gains you credibility; which withstands the glory one-day trend on Twitter. Additionally, PR allows you to become engaged with media, and hopefully build a rapport with them.

Last, but not least, is social media and message amplification, which acts as the stern of the ship. Right out front, the stern drives and directs the ship, and helps the boat quickly reach its destination by cutting through waves and currents. It’s a fact: People follow brands on social media because of interesting, engaging content – any less, and you’ll lose followers quickly. Social media is one very critical way to foster community around your brand, interact with customers, and get feedback on all your hard work. While sending out a tweet is easy, actually engaging in a conversation – a two-sided conversation, can be hard – especially for big brands. However, it’s essential.

Social media also allows you to tell a story, whether that’s about a product, or about your company’s rich history. Either way, bringing your customers onto your marketing boat by sharing with them, and allowing them to “peek behind the curtain” can go a long way in brand loyalty.

When it comes to being successful at demand marketing, it’s not about how many followers or re-tweets you have; it’s about honest, worthwhile engagement that leads to demand. Combining all of these three key components is key to not only constructing a sea-worthy marketing ship – but keeping it afloat, no matter what the current brings your way.      

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Keep Your Marketing Efforts Afloat With Demand Marketing