Just One More Call

It’s late; you’re tired. It’s been a long, hectic day. It’s been a long week. I get it. But, now is when you demonstrate the difference between a top performer and an also-ran.

Make one more call. See one more client. Talk to one more prospect. Just one more!

Can you? Absolutely. Will you? That’s completely up to you. No matter what you’re selling, I assure you the upper ½ of 1% of earners in your industry make that one more call. Just one more!

In fact, I would guess the upper 20% make that one more call, see one more client or call on one more prospect. But, do you know what separates them from that upper ½ of 1%? The enthusiasm with which they make that call.

If you are just going through the motions, forget it. You’re burning up a good prospect or selling opportunity.

But, if you are going to attack that one final call of the day with the same energy, passion and enthusiasm that you put into the first one of the day, you’ll soon join that upper ½ of 1%. Let’s look at it this way: if you have a closing percentage of 10% and you make one more call per day for the entire month (even if you really don’t feel like it), that is approximately 20-22 calls per month or about 250 MORE per year! The quick math there equates to an additional 25 plus sales PER YEAR just by simply making one more call.

Just one…one little call.

Television’s Detective Columbo was famous for ending an interview with a subject and then adding, “Just one more thing…” It was what made him successful–and it can do the same for you.

Again, can you do it? Will you do it? Are you willing to do what it takes to be a leader in your industry? Now is the time to find out. Start today. When quitting time rolls around, find one more person to talk to, find one more person to call on or find one more client to visit.

And when you’re done? You could always find one more.

Many times you will find these calls or meeting to be the most productive because your competition is already on their way home or at the bar drinking complaining about how bad their business has been. All the while, you have the prospect’s undivided attention because of fewer distractions! Trust me, prospects today recognize when they are dealing with a professional! So, be one!