Just A Little More!

I’m going to challenge you this Monday morning to do whatever it is you were going to do—plus just a little more. However many sales calls you were going to make—make them. And just a little more.

If today was a day to get to the office early and complete a project for a client—do it. Deliver what you promised and just a little more.

For you see, that “just a little more” is what separates the champions from the “almosts” the exceptional from the excuses and the better from the bitter.

If you had certain tasks you wanted to accomplish before lunch, go ahead and knock them out. Whatever it is you had in mind that you could and would achieve today, I submit you can do just that and a little more.

Perhaps a client told you their budget was $10,000 for your project—get all of it you can and just a little more. When the day winds down and you feel as if you’ve done all you can do, do just a little more.

Sadly in today’s world one doesn’t have to be outstanding to stand out. Did you plan on spending a half hour with your children before their bedtime? Do it—and just a little more.

Make it your mission today to deliver your normal dose of excellence because you’re building a life, a career, a legacy—and just a little more.


Question: What can you do a little more of today?