It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!

There used to be a sneaker commercial with Michael Jordan where his phenomenal success was attributed to his shoes. Not his skill, God-given talent, relentless hours of practice but his shoes.

In sales, there can be a little truth to that.

How you look to a potential customer says a lot about you. Are you professional? Do you represent your company in the proper manner? Are you well groomed? Is your personal hygiene what it should be?

These are all very tough questions, but ones you must ask.

Hey, it’s not easy going up to another salesperson before your first call and saying, “Does my breath stink?” (hits home, doesn’t it?)

However, the customer is going to answer every one of those questions. They may not do it verbally, but they will be answered—and let’s hope all the answers are good.

So, before you head into that sales call take a moment to check your hair, your clothes, and your sales materials.  Would you buy from you?

Side note to ladies: Maybe I’m old fashioned but when it comes to make up—LESS IS MORE. I’m not sure I want to do business with Tammy Faye Baker, if you know what I mean.

Side note to men: A little cologne goes a LONG way. You don’t have to bathe in it. And, whoever invented Axe and all these other body sprays did not intend for you to spray more on you before every sales call. If you walk into a customer’s establishment and the plants wilt—you’re probably wearing too much.

Am I kidding? Sure, but you get the point.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice either. You can find some very nice clothes on sale or at end of season clearances. Buy smart and keep yourself looking professional.

And keep those shoes polished.

Your business will show it.

Here’s a tip for men. Personally, I NEVER spend a lot of money on a dress shirt. For one, I’m very hard on shirts anyway. Secondly, to me they are the least important article of clothing you have. Example: A nice pair of slacks or a suit with a nice tie and nobody will ever notice you have on a $25 dress shirt instead of a $100 dress shirt. I GUARANTEE it. If you are going to spend “extra” money, I’d go with shoes and a tie. If you don’t wear ties, then spend those few extra dollars on nice slacks or a suit.

Question: Any tips you’ve found to stretch your clothing budget?