It’s Friday, Baby!

Ah, Friday: Everyone’s favorite day of the week; the end of the work week and the start of the weekend. Well, for most people. We all know about TGIF and “Hang On Baby, Friday’s Comin’!” but you really should look forward to this day for other reasons, as well.

A friend of mine used to say every week, “IT’S FRIDAY, BABY!” and you could tell by the way he said it there was no doubt about him being ready for the weekend. I’m here to tell you Friday sales are great sales. They make the weekend so much more fun.

But, I’ve found  Friday to be a GREAT day to close sales. In fact, I’ve found it to be one of the best. Why? Well, for one thing the majority of your competition has already switched it onto “auto-pilot” and they are literally coasting through the day. I’ve met some people that actually hoped they didn’t get a call about a potential sale on Friday.

What? Are you kidding me?

Conversely there are some buyers that tend to take the day off, as well. I understand that. But, that just means the ones that are working are ready to do business. They’re professional and value their time and yours, too.

If you are a sports fan you know that in football quarterbacks are judged many times on what they do in the fourth quarter and the playoffs. At the same time, baseball pays a lot of money to “closers” (interesting term, huh?)—pitchers who are brought in simply to pitch the final inning and “close” the game.

You are the quarterback and the closer, Friday is your fourth quarter and ninth inning and the game is yours to win.

Look at it this way: Most (not all) of your competitors have given you 1/5 of the week where the market is wide open—it’s all yours! They’ve got their feet up watching the clock and counting the hours until they can start their weekend. And I want to thank every single one of them!

When you are trying to close a sale on a Friday, try this close: Say, “Let’s go ahead and get this wrapped up before the weekend.” Simple? Yes. Effective? You better believe it!

So, the next time somebody says, “IT’S FRIDAY, BABY!” You can smile all the way to the top of your profession!