Is Your Business ALL RIGHT?

Several years ago UPS invested in and helped develop technology which routed their delivery trucks to make as many right hand turns as possible–and avoid left hand turns. Why? Left hand turns are against the flow of traffic, are more likely to cause accidents but also keep the driver and his truck idling costing the company millions in lost time and fuel.

This one change in how the company did business has saved them millions of dollars and untold hours. But, how do you think the idea was met when it was first brought up in a brainstorming session or board room?

While I have no knowledge of the actual situation, do you think some might have said, “you’re crazy, we can’t do that!” Or maybe even…”impossible”?

Not only was is possible, but the company put it into action and continues to reap the rewards.

But, what if they naysayers had won that first day?

What if the company had been afraid to try something new? What if they’d been comfortable instead of investing the money and time to innovate and totally change how packages are delivered?

How do you and your company handle new ideas?

Ideas which might break the current paradigm for how you see your business? New concepts, new strategies, new techniques?

Do you embrace them or shun them?

Encourage your people to speak up. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but one story I heard was the idea for UPS came from a driver. If so, that makes it even more amazing.

How can you innovate not just your company but your industry? How can you be an agent of change? An individual, division or company ready to change your industry forever.

There truly are no bad ideas. What start as a seed of an idea could be turned upside down and inside out by the time it makes it through the entire process, but what comes out could change the world.


Foster an environment where your people feel free to share ideas.

Then your business could be ALL RIGHT instead of LEFT out?