How To Increase Your Sales


One of the questions I’m asked most when training or speaking is, “What’s the easiest way to increase my sales?” While there’s no one single answer to that question, the one I usually respond with is, “Increase what you do.”

Many times that is met with a confused or even surprised look, but the truth is, you are the key to increasing your sales. There are no magic wands, pixy dust or hidden secrets. It all has to start with you. But, with that being said, I love what Jay Abraham talks about in his book, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the CompetitionGetting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got. In it Jay states there are only three ways to grow your business or increase your sales. Three. Only three.

I’ve read this book at least five times and have given away probably a half-dozen copies. If you’ve not read it, you should. I’m not here to sell books though, I’m here to help you grow your business and increase your sales. So, let’s look at three things Jay discusses:

Raise Your Price

The easiest way to increase your sales is to raise your price. If you have 15 customers each buying one unit per month at X dollars and you increase your price by 10%, your sales will increase by the same amount. That is, if you continue to sell the same amount of units. I know most of us are in markets where raising prices at will is sometimes tough, if not almost impossible.

You’re always at the mercy of your stupidest competitor and it seems as if there’s always someone willing to give away their products or services at a discount.

Add New Customers

If you can’t raise your price, then add new business. Get more customers. If you’re selling one unit per month to 15 customers, how about adding 2 customers. If those two customers purchase the same thing as your other 15, you’ve increased your sales right there without raising prices. I know this is rudimentary, but the illustration here is there are only three ways to grow your sales.

Sell Your Current Customers More

The final way to increase your sales or grow your business is to increase the frequency or size of your customers’ order. If you have 15 customers buying one unit per month, can you increase that to two units per month? How about adding additional items, products or services to your current customers? How can you grow your business with people already buying from you?

Use this exercise and ask yourself: Can I raise my price? Can I add new customers? Can I sell my current customers more?

Whatever the answer, it all starts with one thing: you. You are the key. Are you willing to put in the extra work, go the extra mile and do what it takes to grow your business?

This is one you can’t pass off on anyone else.

Disclosure: If you happen to purchase anything I recommend in this or any of my communications, it’s likely I’ll receive some kind of affiliate compensation. However, I only promote and/or recommend things that I truly believe in and/or have personally experienced. If you ever have an issue with anything I recommend please do not hesitate to let me know. I want to inspire and help you succeed and grow. – Butch