In Sales, It’s OK To Be Uniquely You!

We’re living more and more in a cookie-cutter world. It’s hard to tell one make of car from another and a quick drive down any suburban street will have you asking yourself if there are more than three sets of house plans in this country.

Flip on the radio—can you tell one song from another or one singer from another? We’ve adopted this need to fit in so bad we have become a nation of imitators.

But, what stands out? What really makes an impression on you?

To me, it’s the things that are different—they don’t have to be exotic cars (though a Lamborghini WILL turn my head), it just needs to be unique.

In sales, it is OK to be unique. It’s OK to be YOU. In fact, I highly recommend it.

I’ve said before the one thing your competition can never duplicate is you. But, they can if you are just like every other salesperson who walks the beat and works the market.

How can you stand out? How can you be different?

Don’t be afraid to break the rules. When Steve Jobs stood in front of the nation with the first iPhone, some were skeptical to say the least. “We don’t need to play games on phones—we need to make calls,” they said.

Well, a few short years later more text messages are sent than calls and more people have been invited to Farmville than a wedding.

At the same time, Blackberry was THE phone. I had one and thought I couldn’t live without it—and I admit I saw no need for these things called “apps”.

But, Steve Jobs wasn’t afraid to break the rules. The phone had been around for years yet Apple totally changed it.

DISCLAIMER: the author (unfortunately) is a shareholder in RIM the makers of Blackberry and is in so deep he can’t get out.

I wrote recently about Taxi Magic. Innovate. Have fun. Be creative. But, it’s not just products—how can you do that with yourself?

How can you be different from every other salesperson who darkens your prospect or customers door.

Think. Open your mind. Dream.

These are the things to breed success!