Improve The Process, Improve Your Sales

It has been said that all work is a process and all processes can be improved. Many times our jobs as professional salespeople is to make our customers and prospects more profitable, more efficient or otherwise improve their situation.

We do that by improving the process.

How can you improve the process of what you do and what your customers do? Are there wasted motions and wasted steps in the sales cycle for you or your customer? How can you eliminate them?

Improve the process and improve your sales.

Find ways to make the process easier, quicker, less stressful and painful for your customers and your business will grow. But, you must look at it from their point of view. How hard is it to get in touch with all the departments in your company?

Don’t make customers have to jump through hoops to do business with you. Make it as easy for them as possible to buy and re-buy from you time and time again.

Now, for your own processes: what can you improve in the prospecting, set up and servicing of an account? If you’re doing anything, “just because we’ve always done it that way”, stop it. Now.

How can you streamline and innovate? Be proactive—don’t wait to follow a competitor’s lead, let them follow yours. Be creative when it comes to solutions—there’s always a better, faster, more efficient way of doing business.

The truly successful salespeople and companies will find them!

What processes have you found that can be improved?