The Impact of Confidence

The Hinge

Guest Post By Dr. Rob Bell

Everyone faces adversity, encounters struggle, and goes through dry spells. Mental toughness is how we handle, deal, and cope with these setbacks. It’s simple, but it’s just not easy.

Confidence in my opinion is the most important part of mental toughness and a true indicator of how we handle the struggle. Having worked with athletes and coaches at the top level that need to play their best when it matters the most, here is the true impact of one’s level of confidence.

Nothing Bothers Them!

Confidence is simply the belief that it will work out. Trust in our team also means we believe that they will get the job done as well. A result of confidence is that the best remain relaxed and don’t freak out when the outcome is not going their way. They trust their process.

Now, we all get stressed, but what is our level of confidence during these times? Does one bad month, or a poor year affects our decision-making that we start performing not to mess up? I’ve seen companies place hiring freezes, cut back on travel budgets, and fire top earners because of a lack of confidence. They didn’t believe. And as a result, it created a culture of distrust and fear.

The best simply let nothing bother them. They believe in their process so much, that they refuse to let setbacks affect their mindset or their team.

It’s amazing to see, but they manage to keep their poise and focus. Nothing bothers them! They keep their head when others are losing theirs. It is the major impact of confidence and the true test of one’s level of confidence and mental toughness.

The Little Things

It is common for the major changes or setbacks to bother us. However, ever notice when we get stressed that everything seems to bother us, like the person next to us in traffic or our staff? When we our confident, these things don’t bother us, however they become the first thing to annoy us when we lose our belief that things will work out.

Nothing Bothers You!

Conversely, we can actually make this mantra a goal to be achieved rather than just an outcome of confidence. The only way we can achieve our goal of  “nothing bothers me”, is if we are confident! What we are really agreeing to is the belief that “I don’t need everything to go my way in order to be successful. I believe it will work out and I am going to act as if.”

Dr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology coach. DRB & Associates based in Indianapolis works with professional athletes & corporate athletes, coaches, and teams building their Mental Toughness.  His 2nd book is titled The Hinge: The Importance of Mental Toughness. Follow on twitter @drrobbell  or contact

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