But, I’m Not A Salesman


I worked with a gentlemen recently who before and during our session kept telling me, “But, I’m not a salesman.” This seemed odd to me because in the short period of time I had observed him he looked to be a natural.

We decided to go on a sales call together. Now, at this point let me tell you he is Hispanic and was calling on a Hispanic businessman. Their initial greeting—everything was in Spanish. By the way, did I ever tell you the only phrase I know in Spanish is “donde esta el bano” (Where is the bathroom?).

The amazing thing about this entire encounter was because I couldn’t understand the language I was more focused on the non-verbal exchange. And it was truly a thing of beauty.

The prospect started with the arms folded and before long my friend had him laughing, cutting up and they were slugging each other in the shoulder like old friends.

I was mesmerized.

Every now and then he’d lean over and give me bits and pieces of what was going on—and though I don’t speak the language I could tell the prospect had some reservations. But, not for long.

Soon, they were shaking hands and a credit application was being filled out.

I pulled my friend aside and said, “What did you bring ME for? That was AMAZING!” and he followed it with, “Well I didn’t really do anything. I’m not a salesman.”

Then it hit me.

I told him, you know the problem is you think sales is something you do TO someone but it’s something you do FOR someone. I had no idea what all was said but I know he found out the prospects needs and gave him a satisfactory solution.

That’s selling. Nothing more-nothing less.

Think about that: how does it change your approach to a prospect when you go in simply trying to help and not sell? Pull, don’t push!

Go into looking for solutions not commission—then you will find a true salesman.

And, if my friend is reading this: you aren’t just a “salesman”. You are a “Professional Salesman”.