I’ll Think About It Tomorrow

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by Hugh Liddle
Red Cap Sales Coaching

This epic line by Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind” is a classic. And it illustrates a big problem in business. If your personality style is anything like mine, the deadline is when you start a project, not when you finish it! Now, I’ve matured in my style over the years and I’m much better at “Do It Now” than I used to be. That’s because, over the years, I’ve noticed a few things:

• Dishes are pretty easy to wash if you wash them right after you cook or eat. Dishes left until the next day (or longer) take much longer to clean because the food is dried on.

• It’s not any easier to make a phone call today than it would have been a couple of days or a week ago. And I’ve lost clients and sales because I messed around too long.

• People appreciate and admire prompt action…and they don’t like being kept waiting!

• A great idea that isn’t written down immediately will soon be a great idea that someone else implements or that just vanishes in the haze.

• It’s much easier to process 20 or 30 emails than it is to deal with 1,030 of them.

• When my beautiful wife says, “Honey, the light bulb needs to be changed, that doesn’t mean sometime in the next 6 months. It means get up and do it right now!

The British poet, Edward Young, who died shortly before the Revolutionary War, wrote that “Procrastination is the thief of time.” That points up the fact that it doesn’t take much more time and energy to go ahead and do something than it does to go through the process of procrastinating. And it is certainly true that if you take time to procrastinate, AND then time to actually do the task, you’re using up more of your valuable time and being much less productive.

So make it your priority in this new year to stop “thinking about it tomorrow” and start doing it today. It’ll make your life simpler, easier, more productive and more profitable.

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