How To Grow Your Contact Base

We all know that new business and new sales come from good prospects. But, where do good prospects come from? In many cases they are the result of contacts you’ve made and developed over time.  In order to assure yourself of a continuous flow of good prospects, you must always be making new contacts—introducing yourself to others and letting them know who you are, what you do and why they should be doing business with you.

It sounds simple. And, to a certain extent—it is. But, it takes a commitment to always keep moving—keep finding new people to meet and to expand your area of influence.  Here is my take on how to grow your contact base:

-Expand your sphere of influence by breaking habits of stopping at the same place for lunch, etc.  Change your route to work, take a different route when you go home from work. Find new “territory” and new people to meet.

-Do the people you do business with do business with you? Think about that. Go through your checkbook and see who you spent money with last month. Make sure those people know what business you’re in and if you can help them.

-Schedule a minimum of one business mixer each month. Whether it’s a ribbon cutting, Business After Hours or whatever, you should be there. And make sure you meet EVERYBODY.

In order to close sales you must have prospects. Don’t overlook the fact that in order to have prospects, you must have CONTACTS. No matter what product or service you sell, sing its praises every chance you get—and yes that can be done in a professional, non-intrusive manner.  Have fun with it. Enjoy the process and watch your business grow because of it.

Everyone has business cards and we’ve all seen cork boards in restaurants or other establishments that are filled with them. The problem is they all look alike. Do something different! Be creative! Make your business card stand out and be one your contacts and prospects want to show off instead of throw away.

Question: What are some ways YOU use to find new contacts?