How To Achieve Your Goals This Week


I see more and more articles, blogs and columns on goal setting, but I see very few that actually follow through and tell you how to achieve your goals. Setting the goal isn’t necessarily the easy part, but it’s certainly the foundation—then comes the real work: achievement.

It’s important to note we all have distractions in life; things are constantly battling for our attention and stealing our focus. I fight them, you fight them we all fight them. So why do some people manage to break through that static and clutter and actually achieve their goals? How do they maintain that focus? How can you achieve your goals this week?

One podcast I listen to almost every single day is Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas. In addition to inspiring, motivating, high-energy content I’ve adopted one of Dumas’ mantras he repeats almost daily and it’s one that will ultimately help you achieve your goals.


As Dumas puts it Focus stands for Follow One Course Until Success. I Love That! Follow One Course Until Success!

How many times do we get the juggling syndrome and think multitasking is actually doing us good? Guess what? It’s probably not. It’s taking your eye off those goals.

Now, before you tell me about all the things in your life you have to pay attention to, I get it. Life happens to all of us. Every day. All day.

But, the key is to always come back to that one thing and stay with it until you’re successful.

So, how can this help you this week?

How To Achieve Your Goals This Week

Write down three things you’d like to accomplish before you turn out the lights Friday night. Be realistic—things you can actually get done.

Go ahead, write them down. Written goals are so powerful, they’re a challenge and they’re visible. Now post them where you have to look at them every day this week.

Set aside time each day to work on these three goals. (Note, don’t list 27—start with just three). As you find yourself drifting remember John Lee Dumas’ FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success.  Don’t try to juggle all three. Get one in your sites and knock it out, then and only then move on to the next one.  Note: there will be times when you come to a point with one goal where you may be waiting on another party or have to wait for something else to happen, then it’s OK to move on to your next one, but as soon as whatever bottleneck is cleared, immediately go back and FOCUS.

Let the daily distractions in. Don’t try to fight them. Just know you have to get back to your goals when they are gone. In today’s day and age resistance is futile—you’re not going to avoid getting pulled away. Simply return to your goal and FOCUS.

I’d love to hear how this applied to your week!