How NOT To Follow Up

In my role as a Sales & Business Coach, I work with individuals and businesses all the time to increase the number of prospects they convert to customers. It’s as simple as that.  No matter what business one is in, that is the ultimate goal: give me prospects and then help me make them customers for life.

Recently I had the opportunity to interact with a company (I hesitate to mention the name here, though I am going to copy them the link to this blog post) who is selling a franchise in the market where I live. It’s a business that I have (or had) more than just a little interest in—in fact, it was something I was a bit enthusiastic about.

I called the number and spoke with the gentlemen in charge of franchises and asked what I felt were the appropriate questions about support, marketing, company history, etc because this was going to be a passive investment for me. Even though I have some experience in the business and would be involved, it is not something I would personally be doing every day—and they knew that.

“No problem! Your credentials are what we’re looking for,” I was told.

The investment—by the time all was said and done—would’ve been in the mid five figures. Not astronomical, but not pocket change either.

That call was placed on May 13. As of today, I’ve not heard a single word or gotten any of the requested information by mail.

In the words of the investors on The Shark Tank, “I’m out on this deal!”

Even though we focus a lot on generating  prospects  NEVER drop the ball on one who has shown interest in your product or company. Foster that relationship—treat them as if they were already a customer, especially if they’ve shown a willingness and ability to take the next step with you.

Follow up and Customer Service are just as important as ANY OTHER step in the sales process—without them you have nothing.




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