How Are You Spending Your Down Time?

In today’s sales world we all aspire and try to be booked 100% of the time with meetings, presentations or other productive activities. Unfortunately, that is an unrealistic goal. There will always be cancellations, schedule changes or conflicts that result in open spots on your calendar and time available in your planner.

What do you do with that time? Do you spend it on positive activities that will eventually lead to a full calendar, future sales opportunities or is it wasted?

Always keep your prospect list with you. Always. Keep phone numbers and your planner handy. In the event of a last minute cancellation of a meeting, spend that hour (or whatever time you had allotted for the meeting) making calls on prospects and filling future dates on your calendar. That is only possible if you have those materials with you.

How many times have you (or all of us) gotten to a call only to find the prospect has forgotten and is unavailable (even though we confirmed it the day before)? Instead of wasting time driving back to your office—sit in their parking lot, get out your planner and prospect list and start dialing. Don’t spend the time in traffic angry about the missed appointment—use that time wisely and look at it as a positive. Hey, you’ve just been granted an extra hour of prospecting time this week—don’t let it slide by.

It just takes a bit of planning. Most of the materials you need to build your business and keep yourself busy can be packed and travel with you. I’ve scheduled meetings while waiting on airplanes or between flights. In fact, just last week, I booked a Sales Coaching session from the airport. Now, that wouldn’t have been possible if I had not had my materials with me—easily accessible.

Again, plan. I hope you never need to fill down time—but plan for it and it won’t be “down time”. It will be very productive time.

Question: Do you have some tips you’ve used to fill your down time? Share them with everyone in the comment section below!