Hello, Monday!

Yes, it’s Monday. And no, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, why not make a habit of making today one of your favorite days of the week? A day when you can really get things accomplished and be productive? A day when you can be a Difference Maker!

Too many times I hear people complain that the weekend is over. Well, why not celebrate that your “money making” week has started? Changes the whole dynamic there, doesn’t it? Not only that, but some historic things have happened on Monday.  What if those involved in the following events had moped around, griped, complained or even worse: done NOTHING?

-Monday, February 13, 1693: Historic William & Mary College opens—becoming only the second college in the U.S.

-Monday, September 17, 1787: Delegates in Philadelphia approve what would become the U.S. Constitution.

-Monday, January 8, 1838: The first telegraph message was sent using just dots and dashes forever changing long distance communication.

-Monday, November 11, 1914: World War I ends.

-Monday, May 7, 1945: Branch Richey announced the formation of the US Negro Baseball League

These are just a few of the events that have shaped and changed our world that occurred on a Monday. Mondays are 20% of your sales week. Think about that: one/fifth of your opportunity to make a living, provide for your family and build your career happens on Monday. You cannot afford to give away that kind of time. You cannot afford to waste that much of your life.

One of the benefits of adopting an “I love Monday” attitude is that many—if not most of your competitors HATE Monday. They’re still dragging from the weekend giving you an opportunity to succeed! Take advantage of it—capitalize on it. Be a Difference Maker!