Hang In There, Baby!

Today’s post is a guest post from fellow Sales Coach, Jim Hamlin:

Persistence pays off. When you are on a sales call and you have done everything properly and the customer still says “your price is to
high” or “I can’t afford it”. What do you do. You pack up and leave right?NO!!! You hang in there baby.

Hang in their baby, because many times your customer is just checking you GUTS. Do you have the GUTS to hang in there? They want
to be convinced that you believe in yourself and the products that you represent. It’s time to be persistent not pushy. How do you do this? You demonstrate that you believe enough that you put yourself on the line. (Put yourself on the spot.) It’s time to really dig for the sale. Your customer will become more convinced and comfortable with there decision if you are willing to Hang in there Baby.

If you can’t convince them then you don’t deserve the sale. Why do you deserve your customer’s hard earned money. If you can’t answer that question then you have not earned the sale. Simply review what is important to your customer and how you can deliver those things.
Many times that the customer that are the toughest most intense at closing will become your very best customers and advocates for you and your business.

It’s ok to Hang in there Baby and be persistent.

You can reach Jim at jim@redcapsalescoaching.com