How To Handle A Prospect In A Hurry

How To Handle A Prospect In A Hurry

“Just get to the price. How much is it?

Have you ever had a prospect rush you through your presentation? You know the one; they don’t have time to listen, they’re in a hurry and just need to get to the bottom line?

What do you do?

If you skipped everything and went right to the price or tried to close, I am going to guess 99.999% of the cases resulted in a no sale. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

Have you ever shown up to a meeting and had the prospect tell you, “Something’s come up, I only have 10 minutes, let’s just hit the high points.” Same thing: no sale.

In this situation, you must remain professional and control the sales process. Don’t let the prospect push you into rushing through and skipping all the steps in the sale you know are critical. Why should you? The results are a given. You’ve had no chance to truly find out what their wants and needs are, how you can solve their problems and explain the benefits to them. Why would they buy? I wouldn’t. If all I know is how much it costs and not what it does for me, I’m not buying and neither would you.

So, how can you salvage this? First you must understand when this happens you have a ‘no’. That’s almost guaranteed. Anything you do isn’t going to lessen your chance of making the sale, so don’t worry about losing one. It’s already lost.

Reply to the prospect, “Mr. Jones, I’ll be happy to get you pricing and all the information you need, but let’s do this: let’s reschedule for another time when I can really find out what you need and how I can best be of service to you. Without that information, I really wouldn’t know what price to give you. It would be a waste of your time and mine, don’t you agree?”

Then simply shift gears into asking, “What is a better time to sit down where we both can give the process our undivided attention?”

Will the prospect get mad? I don’t know. They shouldn’t, but if they do you had a ‘no’ to start with. You need to remain professional. Your time is valuable and if you let them rush the process—you’re going to lose…every time.

Don’t rush. Don’t skip steps. Don’t just dive right in and hope and pray you can make a sale. You won’t. Remember, a rushed sale is a lost sale. If the prospect can’t give you a time when you can have their attention, you didn’t have a very good chance of making the sale to start with. Save your time and energy for prospects who can and will listen to what you have to offer.