Groundhog Day and Your Sales Goals Have A Lot In Common


Well, he did it.

Punxsutawney Phil crept out of his hole, saw his shadow and in the process predicted six more weeks of winter yesterday during Groundhog Day Celebrations. It’s amazing how much the nation stops to see what this one little creature will do and how we react to his weather predictions—all because he saw his shadow.

Today is the first Monday in February, have you taken time to stick your head up long enough to see your sales goals for the month and/or the quarter? You’re a third of the way through the first quarter of the year and staring at a short month coming up.

If a little groundhog can take a peek, can’t you?

If you raise your head up and don’t see your goals (because they’re not written down) you can plan on at least six more weeks of unfulfilled promise and unused potential. However, if you take a look at those written goals, decide what needs to be done this month and make a conscious decision to see it through—you’ll enjoy the next six weeks—no matter what the weather.

Here’s the good news: there’s still time. Even though Groundhog Day was yesterday, Goal Day is EVERY day. It’s never too late to write them down.

Personally, I break mine down into three four categories: physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. As I’ve stated before I always write my goals as “I WILL” rather than “I want”.

So, raise up, look at those goals and smile. You’re in for a great six weeks and beyond!