Sales Tips: Going Green? Does Your Pen Matter?

Sales Tips: Going Green? Does Your Pen Matter?

Years ago I had a Sales Manager who required me and the rest of the sales department to write in green ink when dealing with a customer. His rationale? Green means go, it signifies money, it infers movement. Other colors he considered neutral and red? Well it was a huge NO-NO!

These are certainly subtle and subconscious factors, but do they make a difference? Is there any merit to them?

Actually, I think so.

Now, I’m not going to try to convince you that the color of your ink pen is going to make or break a sale, but I know for a fact there are subconscious aspects of the sales process that do affect it. Everything from major issues like personality, your scent, your physical appearance (you may look like their ex) to the color of your ink pen all combine somewhere in the subconscious mind to play a part in your ability to satisfy a customer’s needs.

So, what do you do? You simply control the ones you can control and don’t worry about the ones you can’t.

-Make a good first impression with a firm handshake and eye contact

-Be conscious of your appearance

-Be conscious of your scent (don’t overpower anyone with cologne or perfume and certainly not body odor)

-Dress appropriately for your job

-Be honest and smile

-Write in green ink (Hey, I’m not taking any chances!)

If you have music playing in your sales area, keep the volume low and make sure the music is a “generic” genre. If you like hip hop, rap, acid rock or even polkas that’s fine. Just don’t assume your potential customers are going to enjoy that. Some may get up from the negotiating table just to get away from “that noise”.

Question: What are some subconscious factors you’ve found affect your sales processes?

Image courtesy of Erasmus T