Goals: What’s Your Plan?

As we approach the midpoint of 2012, do you have a plan for where you and your career are going the rest of the year? Better yet, do you have a one-, three- and five-year plans for where you want to be and what you want to accomplish?

You should.

This plan is different from your goals. Your goals are the destination while your plan is the roadmap to get there. We’ve talked at length about goals and goal setting and if you know anything at all about me, you know how I feel about setting big, bold goals.

But, what about the plan? How do you plan on achieving those goals? What are you going to do or do differently in order to reach the level you aspire to?

Take some time and eliminate all distractions and focus on how you are going to achieve your goals. Make notes—jot everything down, no matter what. Every random thought needs to be on paper.

Now, go back and formalize these notes into your Plan. Break it down into the balance of 2012 and then your one-, three- and five-year plans. Refer to them regularly to make sure you are on track.

You’ll find this to be a very valuable document—one you’ll want to keep handy and refer to regularly.

Good luck!

One thing to remember is this is a living, breathing fluid document. It is ever-changing. Don’t be afraid to make changes and update your ideas and accomplishments.

Question: What is YOUR Plan? Do you have one? Reply in the comments and let others know how you use Your Plan!