Go For The Gold!


The Summer Olympics started this past week in London with the world watching. The Opening Ceremonies were pretty amazing themselves. Over the next several weeks, thousands of athletes from hundreds of countries will compete in a variety of events—all with one goal: The Gold Medal.

Many of these athletes have trained for years for this one moment—this one shot at glory—an opportunity to stand atop the podium with the Gold around their neck. Now, THAT’S pressure.

But, what does it have to do with sales?

Just like these Olympians, you have the chance every day to practice and get better. And, just like them you have the opportunity to be THE Gold Medalist. Why not you?

Someone has to be THE BEST in your industry, don’t they? Shouldn’t you be No. 1?

What are you doing that is gold medal worthy? What are you doing every day that sets the example for your fellow salespeople and your customers that you are the best—the champion?

You can be. I don’t care where you are now or what position you’re in, start now—start today where you are and decide you are going to settle for nothing but the best.

Sadly there is no Gold Medal in sales. There is no Olympics event for prospecting or making presentations or asking for the sale, but if there were I’d hope you’d want to be a Champion.

Put in the effort, the practice, the dedication and the hours devoted to improving and you’ll have plenty of satisfied customers and a great career—and that’s better than a gold medal any day!


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