Time Management: Give Me 10 Minutes

Would you like to add an entire week to your year without giving up any vacation time? It’s possible. But, you have to make a commitment to make it happen. Time management is a learned skill and it’s true you cannot manage time only what you do with it.

Give me ten minutes—and I’ll give you a week. That’s right. Ten minutes. An extra ten minutes a day will add up to more than one full week over the course of a year. That’s an entire week that you can take advantage of to improve your skills, build relationships and grow as a professional.

Have you ever heard “You must be present to win”? Well, it’s not just for bingo and raffles anymore. Think about that sentence. If your business opens at8:00 a.m. get there at7:50. If you normally get there at7:30, try7:20.

If a potential customer was standing outside your office with checkbook in hand—waiting for you to unlock the door tomorrow morning—how long would it take you to be “ready”? If you’d have to do anything except flip on the light switch, you need to be better prepared.

It’s just that simple. You should be ready to sell when the selling time arrives.

What could you accomplish if you had one full week a year when your competition was closed? And guess what? They’re probably not even aware that you’re open!

I prefer to use the extra time in the morning, but you can do so in the evening—after everyone has shuffled off to their respective homes. The bottom line is to be prepared.

Now, if you use those ten minutes to read the newspaper or play on the internet or find other ways to waste time, just stay home. There’s no sense in running up the company’s electricity bill if you’re not making the best use of the time. This is not play time. This is work time.

If you’ll commit to start this tomorrow, you will soon be looking forward to this extra time because of how productive you are. And, you just might decide to grab ten minutes in the morning AND ten minutes in the evening.

Enjoy that extra week!

Use the extra time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for your sales day. Make it a point to see how much you can accomplish in those ten minutes. If your business is like most, there probably won’t be a quieter, more peaceful time of day. The phone won’t be ringing and others won’t be stopping by your desk to chit-chat.

Question: What are some things YOU could do in this 10 minutes that would greatly impact YOUR day?