Sales Tip: Get Out Of That Rut!

Sales Tip: Get Out of That Rut!

I was talking with a friend recently and asked how things were going. He replied, “Well, I’ve been in a rut lately, but it’s picking up.”

It reminded me of something I heard from a sales manager back in the 80’s. He said that for a salesperson a rut was nothing but a grave that was open on both ends. I’ll always remember that analogy. And I’ve always remembered his advice for getting out of a rut: keep moving!

For salespeople there is a tendency to believe that the present is also the future—by that I mean we sometimes think the way things are now are the way things they will always be. When things are going great, we can’t imagine anything less. Or, when we’re in a rut (or a slump or whatever you call it), we doubt we’ll ever get out of it.

You will. Keep moving.

If you’ve ever seen a vehicle get stuck in the mud (how we all feel when we’re in a rut), you know the worst thing that driver can do is stop. Because when you stop you start sinking deeper and before long it’s going to take a lot of help to get going again.

Keep moving.

Just like that car, even if you feel as if you’re spinning your wheels, you’re moving—maybe ever so slightly, but you’re moving; moving forward toward better days and toward your goals.

The best way to avoid this is to stay out of the rut in the first place, but if that’s not possible just remember to keep moving. Whatever you do…keep moving!

As Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going!”

Just like that car spinning its wheels, when we get in a rut we tend to rush things; rush our presentation, rush from one step of the sales process to another or skip steps entire. Here’s a tip: Slow down. Keep moving, but slow down.

Question: What did you take from today’s blog and how can it impact your sales career?