Four Things You MUST Make Time For Every Day!

I know we are all busy. The forty hour work week has long been a thing of the past and with dual-income families it seems as though we sometimes only see our spouses and loved ones in passing. But as hectic as the world is today, you can gain some control of it with just a few simple tasks and commitments that you MUST perform DAILY.

Why am I so adamant? Well, we all know the old “21-days to create a new habit”, so I’m not going to bore you with it here. But, these are things that should become part of your routine just as much as brushing your teeth and showering (which I also suggest you do daily).

1)      EXERCISE: Once again, you know all the reasons why. But, are you doing it? Knowing and doing are two vastly different things. Thirty minutes a day walking on a treadmill or along a predetermined route near your home or office is all it takes. Get up and get moving. I saw a quote the other day that said, “No matter how slow you go, you are lapping everyone on the couch!”

2)      READING: Just as you feed your body, feed your mind. Your brain is like a muscle—if you don’t use it, it begins to deteriorate and atrophy. Keep learning—unless you are one of those that know everything—and if that’s the case, please send me next week’s Lotto numbers. Bottom line: Find good books, articles, blogs, etc that will hone your skills.

3)      WRITING: I don’t care if you never intend for anyone other than yourself to see what you write, keep a journal, a blog or just a notebook handy to jot down thoughts throughout the day and especially at the end of the day. What did you do RIGHT today? Write it down. What did you do WRONG today? Write it down. There is something deeply cathartic about putting pen to paper or tapping on a keyboard for at least a few minutes a day. Once you begin to do this (if you aren’t already), you’ll find this is one of the most enjoyable tasks of your day.

4)      INTROSPECTION/REVIEW: Take ten or fifteen minutes to yourself every night and just reflect on the day focusing on the positives, the things that made you smile and the things you did that made others smile. Do you realize how many people you impacted today? Enjoy it. Prepare your mind for tomorrow by focusing on the good you did today.


LISTEN TO A LOVED ONE: Whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, child or even just a friend that needs someone to talk to: LISTEN. Listen intently. Listen with care. Listen compassionately. You and your loved one will be better for it!