Flexing Your Sales Muscle


In order to stay at the top of your sales game, you must always be working your sales muscles. They are certainly in the category of “move ‘em or lose ‘em”—it’s not like riding a bicycle.

To be great at prospecting, you must prospect. To lead your team or your industry in referrals, you must ask for referrals. If you’re going to improve at asking for the sale, you have to ask for it. Your sales “muscles” can atrophy from non-use.

I’ve seen Sales Managers who have gotten so engrossed in their role as a manager they forgot the sales part—it’s something we all must keep doing. And, like physical work outs or weightlifting—the more you do it, the more those muscles get toned and built and those skills get sharpened and improved.

Always keep your sales skills sharp, stay in practice and be aware of what’s happening in your market and with your salespeople. Understand the world in which they operate changes quickly and drastically.

As a salesperson, you too can fall into this trap. If you get so caught up in taking care of your current clientele and stop prospecting, those skills will diminish. You won’t be as sharp as you once were. We have to continue these habits to not only work to improve but to keep from falling behind.

If you’re new to sales, you absolutely must work on all areas of the sales process at all times. Don’t let one area go without being “flexed”. Again, think of it as a physical workout. What good would it do to work out your legs, if you can’t lift a 20lb weight with your arms?

Sales is a full body workout.

Work those sales muscles. Make new calls, work your orphaned accounts, develop new ways to overcome your most common objections and stay sharp and stay in shape.