Five Things You Must Make Time

There are many people a lot smarter than me who have some tremendous time management tips and ways you can maximize your productivity. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert at it or be naïve enough to believe that I can even tell you anything in that area that you don’t already know.

Here’s what I will tell you.

Sometimes, you have to make the time. Yes, “make the time”.

Here are five items that I personally believe everyone must make time for every week or every month. Period.

-Rest and Relaxation: I am the world’s worst. This is one area where I should be taking my own advice. But, it is critical to your long term success and health. Make the time. Find the time. Recharge your batteries regularly.

-Personal Growth: This is one area where I DO take my own advice and constantly try to learn and grow. Whether it’s through seminars, webinars, reading books or whatever—make the time to invest in yourself and your career.

-Family Time: This is another one that we shouldn’t have to “make” time for, but in today’s world we do. And, the family will notice it before you do. Just keep your eyes and ears open. It’s OK, to take the time you need with the family—the other stuff will wait. Trust me.

-Short Term Goals: Everyone should take time DAILY to look at their short term goals—whether that’s weekly or monthly. Review them daily to track your progress—and you can only do that if they’re written down. Write them down and review them. You’ll be glad you did.

-Long Term Goals: Just as much as the need to review short term goals is the need for longer term goals. Where do you want to be a year from now? Five years from now? What are you building with your career and your business? We are almost three quarters of the way through 2012. Shocking, I know. Don’t forget to allow time regularly to review your long term goals and again write them down.

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