My First Sales Job

First Sales Job 1978

Someone asked me the other day if I remembered my first sales job. Do I? Actually I remember it like it was yesterday even though it’s been more than 35-years ago.

1977 in Borger, Texas selling GRIT Newspapers.

Yes, THE GRIT Newspaper. I don’t remember the exact economics of the arrangement, but I bought X number of papers for discount off the published price and sold them to make a profit.

I can remember loving the fact that I got to choose how much money I made. Nobody had me on a clock, I didn’t get paid by the hour—if I sold 100 papers or 500 papers, I had the opportunity to write my own paycheck.

I stood outside the local grocery store in the heat and cold selling my GRITs. The sales bug had bitten me and it bit hard. I eventually tried my hand at selling Mason Shoes door-to-door. While it wasn’t as lucrative as the newspaper business, I managed to sell a few pair relying mainly on my cuteness. (I’ve since grown out of it).

Selling and meeting people was so natural to me. I can remember people wondering how a “little kid” could be so outgoing and such a “born salesman”. I’m not sure I was a born salesman—I have learned plenty since my GRIT days, but wanting to control my own future always appealed to me.

Selling GRIT newspapers taught me to set goals. I knew how many I needed to sell every time I went and stood in front of the grocery store in order to sell out before the next batch came in. I knew how many I needed to sell so I could talk my Dad into letting me up my auto-shipment so I could make even MORE money.

I absolutely loved it.

It’s a passion that still burns in me today.

So, yes I do remember my first sales job. And what a blast it was!

What was yours