First Quarter Goal Check: Are You Where You Should Be?

We’re quickly moving through the year as the weather should begin to warm; the flowers begin to bloom and the days begin to last a bit longer. So many things are beginning. Are you? Well, it’s time for a Goal Check.

It seems as if it were just yesterday we were making New Year’s Resolutions and now the first quarter of the year is almost gone.

Are you where you should be? If not, now is the time to get there. We’re 1/4 or 25% of our way through the year already. Are you 1/4 of the way to your goals for the year? You should have these little “mile-markers” throughout the year to keep yourself on track and focused on the ultimate end result: how will you finish?

It’s not too early to start looking at that.

If you’ve fallen a bit behind, don’t worry. You still have plenty of time to catch up, but you must start now. If you’re having trouble getting started—or keeping your momentum going, let’s agree now that we’re going to change that.

The first thing you must do is: START. Yes, it’s that simple. You must get started. Don’t focus on where you SHOULD be, rather commit to getting started (or back on track) NOW.

One you make this commitment focus your energy on the most “painful” tasks that you must achieve. Eat the crust first—and then enjoy the pie! By getting the hardest tasks checked off your “to do” list will build your confidence, allow you to see some accomplishments and make the rest of your list easier as you go.

You must take these “painful” tasks on one-at-a-time. Prioritize them and knock them out. Get them off the list no matter what it takes. You will literally feel yourself gaining momentum almost immediately.

Allow yourself time each day to bring yourself back to point—and renew your focus. Make sure you’re keeping your eye on the ultimate prize—your long term goals.

Finally, honestly assess what got you off track (or behind on your goals) in the first place. Eliminate anything that isn’t moving you toward a celebration at the end of the year. Be aware of keeping yourself from slipping back into poor habits—whether they be time management or procrastination.

So, if you aren’t where you want to be or where you feel you should be decide to start NOW, prioritize your tasks and get the toughest ones out of the way first. Finally, look in the mirror and find out what got you off track to start with.

Don’t forget to reward yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to “dangle a carrot” and reward yourself once you complete a task, meet a goal, or cross a mental threshold. Little rewards along the way will help you stay on the right path and keep you moving!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be back on target for your goals by the time summer rolls around!