Finding New Customers

Good morning! Let’s start today by looking for places to find new customers—perhaps some untapped markets or underserved markets. If everyone is fishing in the same pond, it’s going to get awfully crowded.

Where can you look? I know the first thing people think about now is social media, but even that is getting “crowded’. How can you be different or find different ways to attract customers? What can you do that your competition can’t or won’t?

One of the first things I train new salespeople to do is to really understand and know their customer. By that, I mean know what the typical customer looks like. Who are they? Where do they work? Where do they shop? What are their hobbies? Where do they take their children?

Once you really dig down and start answering those questions, you can begin to put together offers, programs and projects to be seen by potential customers in those places and ultimately attract new business.

If 50% of you sell an item and you find that 50% of your customers own boats, I’d be cozying up to boat dealers everywhere! I’d be at fishing tournaments, marinas and anywhere else people take boats. But, what about the trailer they haul the boat on? Is there an opportunity to find new business through there?

The main thing is to take time to think. If you don’t have a customer in front of you right now, where are they? Seriously, where are they right NOW? This second? Wherever that is—you should be there or at least your name should be.

Start to think like that and you’ll find literally hundreds of untapped markets to generate new business!

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