Develop A Plan

business plan

This week we continue our series on Successfully Enacting Change. If you’re just joining us, it’s easy to catch up: you can go back and read Define Your Goal and Determine Your Starting Point before jumping off into today’s message: Develop A Plan.

I want to really dig into this one because it’s important you A) have a plan and B) it’s well thought out where it can be executed with as little ongoing thought as possible. Now, when I say executed with little thought, I mean it needs to be natural—it needs to be something you don’t have to think about constantly in order to succeed.

Think about things you do with your dominant hand—I’m right handed so most of the tasks I do with my right hand are done almost subconsciously. But, get my left hand involved and I have to think about every movement and look like a goofball in the process. This needs to be a dominant hand plan—one you can carry out.

At this point you’ve Defined Your Goal, Determined Your Starting Point and now we need a plan. Think of it as your GPS or Google Maps. If you punch in your location and destination, the first thing it does is tell you to turn right onto the next street or whatever. You get literally turn-by-turn directions. That’s the depth of the plan you need to Successfully Enact Change in your life, your business and your relationships.

What’s step 1? After that what are you going to do? Then where do you go? What do you do next?

Develop A Plan

Start with a blank piece of paper and literally let your brain throw out everything onto paper (don’t worry about order at this point). Once you have all your notes, go back and see which one’s have to occur first. If your goal is to be fluent in Spanish you can’t learn until you buy a book or CD’s. You can’t buy CD’s or a book until you determine which ones fit your learning style. You can’t do that until you research the best way for someone to learn Spanish.

You see how detailed I want this?

Keep drilling down, turn-by-turn, step-by-step. Think: what do I have to do BEFORE I can do that? Not the other way around. This will help you really dig deep. I don’t care if you have 147 steps. Get them all down there. You have to do number 1 before number 147 so you might as well write them all down.

Once you have everything out there and you feel comfortable with the order; break them into chunks. What “group” of tasks can you do now? Immediately? Within the next 48 hours? Then put your “This week” list together along with “This month” and so forth.

Do NOT look at step 147 and get discouraged. Just look through the windshield at the immediate road ahead.

Enacting change takes time. You’ve determined WHERE you’re going, now we’re working on HOW you’re going to get there. But, guess what? You ARE going to get there!