Define Your Goal


Last week in Successfully Enacting Change , I outlined seven steps you have to embrace in order to view change as a positive, innovative move rather than a negative, stifling one. Over the next several weeks we’ll explore each of these steps in depth and give you some takeaways you can use to create an environment and mindset to see change for what it is: a necessary ingredient to a successful, fulfilling life.

Define Your Goal

While it may seem to be an obvious first step, I’m always surprised when I work with a salesperson or a group on a project and ask, “What’s your goal here?” Many times they’ve not thought it through. Do they know it? Probably deep down inside, but it needs to be fleshed out, verbalized and (soapbox time) written down.

In order to define your goal, ask yourself these questions:

Where do I want to go? Are you wanting to advance your career or move into an entirely new arena? Are you wanting to take on some challenge? Whatever, it is identify it, verbalize it and write it down.

What do I want to accomplish? Is your goal accomplishment related? Is it about doing something you’ve never done or perhaps thought you couldn’t do? Don’t be limited by what you think you can do—if you want to do it, get it out there. We’re talking about the what, not the how.

What would I feel like to achieve that goal? The final test for your goal is to sit down and truly analyze what it would feel like to attain it. Would it give you the satisfaction or feeling you’re looking for? If so, visualize and feel that feeling. Feel it as though it was already accomplished. Take some quiet time and really drill down here. The world is full of people who got to the top of the mountain only to look around and ask, “Is this all there is?”

The importance of taking this first step is to firmly establish beyond a reasonable doubt where you’re going to set that inner GPS; where you’re going to hone in your thoughts and actions mentally, physically and emotionally.

This all must be aligned and you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re not only headed in the right direction but the ultimate destination is truly where you want to be.

So, there’s your homework. Define your goal. Use the steps above and in the coming weeks we’ll take this step by step and discover your inner Superstar.