Decide Your Sales Week Is Going To Be Amazing

Decide Your Sales Week Is Going To Be Amazing

Decide Your Sales Week Is Going To Be Amazing

This is a great sales week for you. Do you know how I know? Because you get to decide it’s going to be and I want you to make that decision right now. Say to yourself, “This is week is going to rock!”

Will there be roadblocks? Setbacks? Missed deals? Probably so. But, don’t let those define you—rise above all the clutter and negativity and prepare yourself right now to win.

So much of what we do as salespeople is mental. In my opinion, the psychology behind our profession is not talked about nearly enough and it needs to be. Yes, everything a professional salesperson does, every task we perform, every duty we execute is a learned skill, but the mindset behind it is what really makes a person successful.

That’s why you have to make the decision right now that this week is going to be great. No. It’s going to be better than great—it’s going to be amazing.

I’ve talked at length about my distaste for how I see people dreading Monday morning. I want you to look forward to it, because that’s when the action starts—that’s when the fun begins and that’s when you take control. Everything else is just the set up for your sales week.

Therefore, this week I want you to:

-Focus on the positive: Notice I didn’t say ignore the negative. That’s unrealistic. Things are going to happen, just don’t let the bad ones be the focal point.

-Visualize success: Take some time to get a picture in your mind’s eye of what a successful week would look like. I mean get a very, vivid idea of what you want to accomplish and how it would make you feel and what it would do for you this Friday. See it? Close your eyes and let it soak in.

-Spread Joy: Put a smile on your face and be the type person others want to be around this week. We all know people who we actually try to avoid because all they do is complain and bring everyone down—don’t be that person. Be the opposite, be the person who picks everyone’s spirits up. If you have a fellow salesperson who is struggling—help them. Do you know of someone who is “down”—do something to brighten their day and their week.

-Get your chin up: Walk proud. Be proud of who you are and what you do. Present yourself with a purpose and a passion for the products and services you represent. It all starts with posture and filters down from there.

There you go. It’s going to be a great week for you—an amazing ride. Buckle up and get ready. Now go make something magical happen!

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