Creating The Right Atmosphere For Success


I had the opportunity this week to sit and visit with two brothers—both in their late 20’s and early 30’s who are running a very large company that I’ve worked with on some sales coaching and training.

When you meet these two, the first thing that strikes you is their attitude. While they are both extremely good businessmen and very bright, they have an attitude that exudes success and positivity. Consequently, their company shares the same atmosphere.

It’s palpable.

After talking to these two for just a few minutes, there’s no doubt they are destined to grow their company and be successful. One can just feel it.

On the other hand, I’ve been around other companies where just the opposite is true. The atmosphere is one of negativity and gloom and doom. People walk around almost in a fog.

As managers, it is up to us to create and foster the environment or atmosphere where our people can be most successful. We have to set the tone. Believe it or not, many of your people look to you to determine how THEIR attitude is going to be.

Are you creating an environment of success and or one of failure?

Are you giving building an environment where people actually KNOW they are going to win and grow and succeed?

It all starts at the top. Whether you manage one person or one thousand, it is up to you to set the tone your company or organization’s atmosphere.

A study by research firm Gallup in 2011 showed an amazing 71% of American workers are not engaged in their jobs—there’s a disconnect in the atmosphere. This leads to poor customer service, turnover and a multitude of other issues one probably doesn’t even want to think about.

The sad part? It’s all correctable. And it’s correctable by you—and how you approach your job, the attitude and energy you give off.

You have a choice. Choose to make it positive!

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