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I’ve been asked many times how someone can tell they need a Sales Coach. The answer is simple: if you’re in sales, you need a sales coach. Whether it’s me, your “sales manager” or someone else, everyone in sales needs a Sales Coach.

Rory McIllroy has a golf coach. Miguel Cabrera has a hitting coach. The best athletes in the world have coaches. So, why shouldn’t you?

A Sales Coach—in my opinion—simply sees things you can’t see because they’re looking at your work, processes and performance through a different lens. It’s my job to analyze what you do and help you do it better. Does that make me a better salesperson than you? Not hardly. It’s just that I am here to work with you to make you better!

Is Rory’s golf coach better than him?


One of the things I enjoy most is customizing a specific training program just for your sales team, organization or business. I work with businesses of all sizes in helping them get out of their comfort zone, find ways to separate themselves from their competition and make work fun and I can do the same for you. From an hour long sales meeting to full-day training sessions or ongoing training programs, I focus on engaging, educating and challenging you and your salespeople to reach new heights.

By hiring me your team will:

  • Learn how to increase the number of contacts they make each week
  • Find ways to turn those contacts into HOT prospects
  • Learn how to close more sales without gimmicks or price reductions
  • Get better organized and be able to track contacts, prospects and customers
  • Find more satisfaction in their professional selling career

All of my coaching and training programs are all backed by a money back guarantee. (Ask for details)

“The only thing worse than training and employee and losing them is to not train them and keep them.” ~Zig Ziglar


Sales Coaches and Trainers today are a “dime-a-dozen” and many have never sold anything—except their training. In my career, I’ve been where you and your people are: in the trenches SELLING. Belly-to-belly, belt buckle-to-belt buckle, calling on prospects, making presentations and closing LOTS of deals. I’ve ridden the highest highs over huge sales and been in slumps where I never thought I’d sell anything again. I’ve been there! Through it all I’ve learned strategies and techniques that have greatly enhanced my abilities and skills. Everything in sales is a learned skill. Everything. I’ve also learned that my success (and my sales) were dependent on one thing: ME! Not the government, the weather, not the economy or the company’s advertising campaign. My success (or lack thereof) was controlled simply by the man in the mirror.

Finally, I encourage you to never stop learning and growing. Sales is a profession. You are professional! You should be updating, enhancing and improving your skills every single year.

And, I’d love to help. See the Coaching/Training packages below or contact me for a customized one for you or your business!