Closing The Sale? Just Make It Natural

closing the sale

As a professional salesperson you know asking for the sales is crucial to every sales encounter. I’m not a fan of the phrase closing the sale, I prefer to call it asking for the sale, instead. But, most people still know it as closing. While you must be good at every step in the sales process, this is the one that more salespeople struggle with than any other.

And it shouldn’t be.

It should be just a natural extension of the process. Just the next stop along the journey to your prospect becoming a customer. Many of the roadblocks and issues we have are in our own minds—we create them. We feel that this is the one point along the way where we can mess everything up.

Guess what? You can mess it up anywhere! And if you do the other parts correctly, asking for the sale should be simple, easy and seamless.

Closing The Sale

One of the keys is to first not rush. Make sure you have gotten the prospect to this point in the sales cycle honestly—and by that I mean, you’ve done everything else you’re supposed to do. You built rapport, you qualified them, you got your initial verbal agreement—everything. You didn’t skip any steps and rush right to the “close”.

Now, let the sale unfold in a natural, unhurried manner.

If that’s the case, then and only then are you ready to ask for the sale. As I stated in Asking For The Sale you’ve got to be confident and confidence comes from knowing your material; knowing what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it and what tone with which you’re going to deliver it.


So, what do I mean by natural? There should be nothing in your body language or gestures or anything to indicate this is anything more than just another step. You should handle it with the same calmness you do when you’re building rapport or making your presentation.

Don’t change anything.

Remember, at this point your prospect can be uneasy. Don’t contribute to that uneasiness by getting all out of whack. Just be yourself. Be the same you you’ve been since you started.

If anything, drop your voice inflection and be sincere, be in the moment, understand what your prospect is going through and help them make the correct buying decision.

It’s never adversarial. Why should it be? You are about to be on the same team once they buy. Let them see how easy it is to join the team—welcome them with open arms.

Now, the majority of what you just read is one simple thing: your mindset. Yep. Nothing more, nothing less. It is the way you approach closing the sale. It is how you feel about it down deep inside and trust me—it shows through.

If you’re comfortable, your prospect will be comfortable. Help them buy. Help them become a customer.

Just make it natural.