Can Jeff Bezos rescue the newspaper industry?


In a much publicized move, Jeff Bezos, founder of purchased the storied Washington Post for $250 million last week. Bezos, who I consider to be one of the most brilliant sales and marketing innovators of our time, has jumped into an arena many had given up for dead.

His mere presence changes everything.

Because Jeff Bezos isn’t content with the status quo. wasn’t satisfied just selling books–they innovated, they adapted and ultimately had a hand in how many in the world read. In fact, I’d say because of eReaders, many are prone to read more.

Under Bezos’ leadership, I doubt the Washington Post will be the only thing to change and adapt. I would suspect he will influence the entire industry and change the way the world gets their news. How? I have no idea (and he might not, either), but I believe he will.

Bezos is a doer. He is a Difference Maker–and he’ll undoubtedly make a difference in the newspaper/print industry.

If I were in the newspaper business, I would be ecstatic right now because change is coming. Good change. Innovation. Direction. And some much needed new ideas.

With net worth north of 20 billion, Bezos’ $250 million purchase represents a little over 1% of his fortune. But, from the things I’ve read–he doesn’t play to lose. He’s a game changer.

The newspaper business as we know it may have just been saved from extinction.